The Grass Is Greener in the Coastal Bend area

The Grass Is Greener in the Coastal Bend area

JDM Landscapes & Design to irrigate your lawn

It’s no secret the Texas sun can be brutal on a grassy lawns. JDM Landscapes & Design will level and grade your yard to install an efficient irrigation system. Call us today and check watering the lawn off your to-do list. Keep your lawn looking healthy and beautiful, even in the heat of summer. With an irrigation system in your yard, you’ll:

  • Save time –Watering a lawn can take hours, especially if you own a large property.
  • Save water – Irrigation systems minimize runoff.
  • Save money –After the upfront investment, utility savings will start to pay for the installation.

A beautiful landscape is a healthy landscape

We’ve been in this business for a decade and we know how difficult it can be to keep your lawn healthy. Irrigation systems do the hard work for you, leaving you a lush, green lawn you’ll love coming home to.

Call 361-500-7351 today to learn how we can create a gorgeous backyard for you and your family.