5 Steps to Your Best Backyard

1 – Focus on quality, not quantity. Research which plants are in season and grow well in your area and plant a few of them strategically. A sparse, healthy garden will always look better than an overgrown mess.

2 – Keep your grass looking green and healthy. If you live in a place as hot as Robstown, TX look into an irrigation system for your lawn. JDM Landscapes & Design can install yours in the Robstown and greater Corpus Christi area.

3 – Create a focal point. An outdoor kitchen, a beautiful waterfall, a fire pit – you name it. Pick one or two interesting features that can serve as meeting places in your yard. Too many, and your backyard will start to look more like a junkyard.

4 – Light it up. Your backyard might be the best in the neighborhood, but when the sun goes down you might as well not have one. Invest in outdoor lighting to keep the outdoor party going well into the night.

5 – Relax. Don’t spend time and money on something you’ll never use! Dine outside. Read a book while hanging out on the patio. Turn your yard into an outdoor living room and you’ll want to keep it looking its best.